I just happened to be looking at what I have to drink and that gave me an idea for a nice writeup. I have just had a fairly nice encounter with Cherry Geyser Spring Water and feel that it perhaps should be got to known a little better.

It should be pointed out that this is one of a class of beverages that is (at least to the best of my memory) "flavored water" which means that it's essentially a water based drink (well most drinks are but this is usually not something that is played up). Essentially what we are talking about in addition to the large amount of water in the beverage is that it also includes ingredients which are also themselves largely (if not completely transparent). This leads it to be classified (in the consumer's mind as more like "water" than a sugar bearing beverage.

Contents are as follows according to the FDA mandated labeling procedure for food contents.

  • Pure Spring Water
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup

    Which claims to be a natural sweetener.

  • Citric Acid
  • Potassium Benzoate

    Which is stated to be to preserve freshness.

  • and Natural Flavor

    Next come another mandated section of the labeling procedure which is the nutritional facts which are also as follows.

  • Serving Size: 8 fluid oz. (240 ml).
  • Servings Per Container: 2 (approximate).
  • These figures are in amounts per serving.

  • Calories: 80.
  • Percentages of Daily Recommended Values
  • Total Fat: 0g 0%.
  • Sodium: 0mg 0%.
  • Total Carbohydrate: 20g 7%.
  • Sugars: 20g (this does not have an entry for Daily Recommended Values or DRV for short).
  • Protein: 0g 0%.

    This product is basically the same set of ingredients whether you get it in different flavors (the differences appearing in the dubious distinction of "natural flavors".

    They have a web site at http://www.geyserbev.com.

    Contact information about bottlers:

    Bottled by Water Star Bottling in Afton, Wyoming for Geyser Products, L.L.C. PO Box 1685, Mesa, Arizona; 85211 (sorry they don't have a plus four zip code extension on the bottle). Telephone: (480)-898-7450.

    Most interestingly of all they actually get the "spring water" for this beverage from a source they cite on the bottle as being "Spring Source: Intermittent Spring, Afton, Wyoming.

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