Ceruleanbutterfly.com is a pro-anorexia website. There are actually quite a lot of these floating around the net - but that's probably no surprise to any of you. Cerulean Butterfly is run by a girl named Liz. It plainly states all of the dangers of anorexia and explains all of the reasons that you should not be anorexic. It offers help to recover from anorexia, and also offers tips on foods to eat such as a "negative calories" list, tips on hiding your anorexia and so on and so forth. It has quotes and songs to listen to to inspire you and encourage you to stay with "ana" as almost every pro-anorexia site I have come across calls it. This site refers to anorexia, seemingly, as a woman who controls our lives and tells us how to live and what to do, how much to eat and how much to work out.

I am not in any way saying that it's a good idea to be anorexic - but the thing is, I don't really see anything wrong with this website. The only reason many people know about websites like this is because television and the media make a big deal of them. Who in their right mind would go looking for a pro-anorexia website without actually being anorexic themselves? The message board supplies a great support system for those trying to recover, and also those who don't wish to recover. At first when I saw the site I was somewhat disgusted - then not so much. The creator of the site really makes it plain and simple that she is not saying "join us! If you're not anorexic you're disgusting, foul and ugly!"

(there was another part to this node from their homepage with their reasons why you should not be anorexic. To read them you can go to the website now)

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