This thing just aired on Boomerang, last refuge of many a lame 70s cartoon, perhaps better left forgotten. It dates from 1979, and while Hanna-Barbera produced a lot of... ill-advised cartoons at that time, this stands out above even their animated Lavern & Shirley and their multi-season presentation of Pac-Man.

Kind-hearted Harveytoon Casper the Friendly Ghost and more anarchic ghost pal Harry Scary get imported directly into a Jetson-esque future world, where they assist, of all the wretched things, a pair of female space police officers, Minnie (whose last name is not "Mouse") and Maxi (whose last name could be "Pad"), dubbed for no obvious reason as the "Angels" of the title.

Okay class, let's review what's wrong with this:
1. Start with all of the usual Hanna-Barbera flaws: shoddy animation, over-enthusiastic incidental music, sitcom plots regardless of setting, and poor writing.
2. The premise of Casper is that the amiable spook isn't really cut out for the ghost unlife. He'd rather make friends than poltergeist, rattle chains, harass reincarnations of loved ones, etc. That's a nice twist on the whole paranormal theme. Adding in two female space police officers, a sidekick spook, faux-Scooby stories, and that whole damn future thing, and it dilutes its strength. They tried to grab too many audiences with one cartoon.
3. Forgiving that, there comes the question of why these ecoplasmic layabouts hang out with these women. Casper seems to have gotten it into his airy head that he's a "guardian ghost" of some sort. You think after centuries of undeath he'd at least have gained some kind of world-weariness. But no, he's still the friendly milksop he's always been, singularly lacking in anything resembling personality.
4. To top it all off, they do a lot of extra things wrong that they did with the Jetsons: they over-play the future stuff. In this one cartoon I'm watching now, for example, it's not just a circus, it's a space circus, in which the crooked carnies wear straw hats... with radio antennae sticking out the top! The circus tents, likewise, each have aerials, presumably so the elephants can get UHF. On the other hand, even living characters have no trouble breathing in outer-space, and it's not just for the ghosts that gravity seems to be merely an optional thing, existing only when convenient to the... heh... plot.
5. Minnie seems fond of saying "Golly Galaxies!" FOR THAT, SHE MUST DIE!!

In closing-- oh my God, a show called The New Shmoo just came on Boomerang! I'd forgotten all about that belabored splotch of white, that ill-starred refugee from Li'l' Abner! I'd never even heard of Li'l' Abner when I saw this thing try to solve Scooby mysteries! How did this get its own show?! And how did they manage to make that unsightly Blob-wannabe a deputy policeman alongside uniformed incarnations of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble in a later show?!! How?! HOW!

That's Boomerang, ladies and gents. Repackaged cartoon pain from the not-distant-enough past, given a second chance to assail your sense of decency. Yet, despite/because of the countless acts of travesty, strangely watchable, if just to confirm that these things did, one distant misbegotten year, get made. They should all be aired once then locked away. Thankfully, that seems to be exactly what Boomerang does.

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