The title character of an online comic strip written and drawn by Rich Davis and John Sprengelmeyer, begun in 1998 and Yahoo! Internet Life's Best Online Comic Strip of 2001. Characters include Captain RibMan, his young ward Billy, and a female character (whose name either has not been given or I missed it). So what's he do? Well, "Captain RibMan is the Chief Vigilante of Meatropolis and so much less," according to the bio on the comic's web page. Despite the suggestive name, it's (sadly) not dirty.

However, unlike the standard comic book superhero, Captain RibMan doesn't spend a whole lot of time out on the street fighting crime. He's usually confined to his recliner, bathed in the healing light of his television; or making sarcastic remarks to the female character. And sometimes celebrities drop by (Jerry Seinfeld, Fred Willard, Bender from Futurama, et al. have been guest stars/writers in the past).

The CRM comic strip is only published infrequently (a separate strip on Tuesday and Thursday of the same week is the most often), but in his off time he also has a syndicated advice column, titled "Ask Captain RibMan". At its peak frequency, it goes out Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, two questions answered per edition. It's not too hard to get a question answered by the Captain, since I don't imagine he gets too many (I wrote one in once, and had it answered two days later).

You can find Captain RibMan online at

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