From: The Thorough Good Cook

Poultry: 34. Capilotade of Duck

If you have any roasted ducks left, and are called upon for one entree more, cut them up as for eating; flay them, and let them simmer in a thin Italian sauce. Fry a few slices of bread cut into the shape of a kite, and send up with the juice of a lemon. If you should not have any Italian sauce ready, mince a few shallots, boil them in vinegar; make a little browning (roux), which you moisten with broth, or even water, and mix a little glaze seasoned with salt and pepper; put the shallots into this sauce; let it boil a few minutes; then put the duck into the sauce to heat, but without boiling, and give it a high seasoning. Such common dishes are always to be highly seasoned.

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