A delicious brand of old-fashioned kettle-cooked potato chip. These little bastards have no additives or preservatives, no little ripples, and aren't embarassed to be greasy and delicious. You'll find them in most grocery/convenience stores in New England.

The Cape Cod Potato Chip company was founded on 4 July 1980 by Steve and Lynn Bernard in Hyannis, Massachusettes. In 1985, Eagle Snacks (then a division of Anheuser-Busch) bought Cape Cod Potato Chips which provided national visibility. In 1996, Anheuser-Busch disolved it snack division and distribution of Cape Cod chips stopped. Cape Cod Potato Chips was purchased by some investors and experienced explosive growth. In May 1999, Lance, Inc. acquired Cape Cod Potato Chips.

Cape Cod Potato Chips are available with 40% Reduced Fat. They are created with their "Kettle-Cook" process and flash baking in small batches that are closely supervised. One ounce is 6 grams of fat.

Cape Cod also makes other varieties of chips like Golden Russet (amber color, robust flavor) and Dark Russet (chestnut color, intense flavor).

On the back of the bag of potato chips they have a map & directions on how and when to visit their factory and gift shop. For info on the tour, in the US call 508-775-7253

Cape Cod chips are available online at www.capecodchips.com

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