Enchanted little all-day bar in Krefeld - popular during the mid-eighties - that was haunted by teenagers daily from ca. 11 am to 1 am. Due to a liberal interpretation of Germany's already quite lax laws on underage drinking you would regularly find a large swagger of pupils skipping school for a couple of glasses of Rhenania - Alt, a locally brewed beer whose brewery was ironically owned by one of the punter's dad.

The owner of the bar, standing most days behind the counter serving the kids, functioned as psychiatrist, agony aunt and bouncer alike, and scores of unhappy teenagers could be seen recovering from the breakup of their first love with a beerglass in hand, getting comforted by the landlady while they actually should be attending Latin class.

Severely missed by scores of men and women now in their mid-thirties, it unfortunately folded around 1986 and was never resurrected.

It nevertheless haunts the minds of a "certain generation" and the tales of love and loss connected to it are told again and again all over the left lower Rhine valley.

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