An independent a cappella death metal band operating out of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Formed half in jest by students Nick Salvatore and Seth Samelson, self-proclaimed music connoisseurs, in late 2001. Their ever-changing lineup includes the founding members and essentially anybody else they can grab during shows. They tend to give unannounced guerrilla-style performances whenever the fancy strikes them. In tongue-in-cheek pretentious art-asshole fashion, they refuse to allow their music to be recorded. This vow is not limited to typical audio recording; they will neither write down their lyrics, nor allow photography during performances.

Their name comes from a song by Sesame Street's Cookie Monster, due to Seth's observation that the singers in death metal bands tend to sound like Cookie Monster. Samelson tends instead to emulate the "screeching cat" school of vocalism and 'instrumentation', while Salvatore's format can most closely be compared to either the "Cookie Monster" or the "growl" variety of vocals and the "grinding machine gun" flavor of 'instrumentals'.

C is for Cookie or Corpse has performed with murder-rapper Stabmaster Arson on rare occasions. Their songs include:

  • death with a capital METAL
  • Cage of Bone
  • Children are my Pie
  • Bite Off Your Boyfriend's Boner and Burn It
  • and
  • Cut Off Your Face And Use It As A Wallet

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