Button Men is a simple game released by James Ernest and Cheapass Games. A player need only to buy one set of Button Men, which includes two Button Men, to play. The game was created for two players, but has multiplayer variants, and can be played around 10 minutes.

The players fight, using their character's stats to roll dice, and try to capture all of their opponent's dice. The first player to capture all of their opponent's dice wins!

At first look the game might seem overly simply. However, before a player attacks he must choose to do a Power Attack or a Skill Attack. With a Power Attack, the player chooses a single die and must roll a number greater than thier opponent has on one of their dice. With a Skill Attack, a player chooses several of their dice and must roll numbers that add up to the number on one of their opponent's dice.

And that's without the extra rules that some of the Button Men sets contain. This is one of Cheapass Games's few collectible games, but one doesn't need more than two Button Men to play.

Other than Cheapass Games's normal sets, there are also plenty of others. Such as the Lunch Money, Legend of the Five Rings, BROM, Brawl, Studio Foglio, Sailor Moon, and Dork Victory sets. And there are a lot more sets than that. Many of these sets introduce new abilites to the game, and make it more interesting.

For even more information, one can check out the official Button Men site at http://www.beatpeopleup.com/butnrulz.html.

You can also try an internet version of the game at http://www.buttonmen.dhs.org.

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