Band: The Blood Brothers
Album: Burn Piano Island, Burn
Year: 2003

1. Guitarmy
2. Fucking's Greatest Hits
3. Burn Piano Island, Burn
4. Every Breath Is A Bomb
5. Ambulance vs. Ambulance
6. USA Nails
7. Cecilia and The Silhouette Saloon
8. Six Nightmares at the Pinball Masquerade
9. The Salesman, Denver Max
10. I Know Where The Canaries And The Crows Go
11. God Bless You Blood Thirsty Zeppelins!
12. The Shame

The Blood Brothers (Jordan Blilie and Johnny Whitney) hail from the state of Washington, with an attitude and utterly contagious style of music that brings some to a raunchy state of anger, and some to a heaven-sent high.

Their ferocious album 'Burn Piano Island, Burn' consists of thoughts from a totally different genre of music than most are used to. Itís like they play catch with their words as they both take turns screaming and yelling into the mic. The vocals could either leave you with the leftovers of two yelling kids, bouncing their words right off each other as they argue, or, you could be left in an amazed state of mind as the words behind the warped sounds and vocals come as a beautiful rendition of lyrics played off perfectly.

Every song on the record alters your perception of sound and ignites your senses into something you've never felt before, and something you'd wish to feel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The opener 'Guitarmy' prepares you for the future 11 tracks, with the colliding sounds of drums, exploding guitars and vocals, and bass.

Still keeping their first impression of a higher-pitched, noisy-instrument sound, The Blood Brothers surprise you with their little change of style 3/4 of the way through the album. With 'The Salesman, Denver Max' the shrieking vocals fade away from the beginning, into a sexy, deep sound you wouldn't imagine... but don't worry they do return as the song passes the :51 second mark.

Along with poetic lyrics like, "Bulimic rainbows vomit what?/Burn Piano Island Burn!/Coconut pupils never shut?/Burn Piano Island Burn! Jigsaw babies and their bamboo stilts?/Burn Piano Island Burn!/Charred toucans weaving their black sky quilt?" from the title track, 'Burn Piano Island, Burn' delivers the rock as you listen to each and every song. The second your finger comes in contact with the "skip" button, you're in for another exhilarating ride.

I was in awe as I sat at my computer listening and memorizing every track. I had never heard anything like The Blood Brothers before. Their sound is so distinct, that if you were to put your Winamp on random, you'd know when they were playing each and every time. This is most likely one of the best cds I have ever let my ears listen to.

If you're looking for that perfect, loud, punk-rock-filled, post-hardcore CD to blare in your system, or just to make your momma wet her pants, The Blood Brothers - 'Burn Piano Island, Burn' is your match made in heaven.

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