The Bugaboo Creek Steak House is a Canadian-themed restaurant, found primarily in the Northeastern US, generally within a stone's throw of a shopping mall. It's decorated in the trappings of a Rocky Mountain hunting lodge, complete with authentic-style gear and trophy animals mounted on the wall. Oh, and don't be alarmed when the buffalo head starts speaking to you, this is in fact expected behavior -- he's full of all sorts of useful tidbits of history and trivia about our neighbor to the North.

A quirky thing about this place is that they force the wait staff to wear name tags. This is odd because the tags don't say their real names -- they have these goofy, back-water names, like Ellie Mae and Poppy.

Last night, I went with a couple of friends to the local Bugaboo Creek, and was served by a middle aged man with a German accent whose name tag said "Skeeter." I had trouble keeping a straight face as he said (you have to say this out loud, in your best McBain accent) "Hello, my name is Skeetah, und I will be your waiter this evening."

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