Bug Powder Dust is indeed best known in its incarnation as its Kruder and Dorfmeister remix, or track 5 on The K&D Sessions as a lot of stoners will know it. This remix is a holy thing and disks with K&D Sessions must be sent to all corners of the Universe as an example of the advances of our society.

The original track by Bomb the Bass off the album Clear is also good, although it does attempt to marry the rapping of the lyrics above with a very intense, very fast baseline that is, with all honesty, best eaten alone, particularly in DJ Food's track called Dark Lady, to be found on his Jazz Brakes Vol 4. as released by Ninja Tune and Funkjazztastical Tricknology also released by Ninja Tune.

It has to be noted that the original album on which this appeared, Clear by Bomb the Bass is rather mediocre apart from just two tracks that are number 1, the discussed Bug Powder Dust, and number 6, called Brain Dead. The interesting thing that these are the only two tracks on the entire album produced in collaboration with Justin Warfield, a very strange, genre-jumping musician who, on his own, does not seem to be able to come up with the goods. His best known work is the Justin Warfield Supernaut.

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