Without the culinary & economic pioneering of Nord Bruce and Mike Dressel an astonishing 2/3 of the American populace might have never tasted the divine food known simply as "bagel." Prior to 1983, bagles were regarded as an ethnic food popular only to the New York City region. The entrepreneuring twosome chose this foodstuff to be the cornerstone for their business, yet they took the concept of bagel bakery one step farther then their peers, creating a line of custom cream cheeses, sandwiches, soup, and coffee.

It took 2.5 years for the recipe now used at all Bruegger's Bagel Bakeries to be perfected. Finally, their first store was opened in Troy, New York and the franchise has grown today to include over 300 bakeries in 16 states (though not including Texas, as indicated by the previous write-up).

Every bagel at Bruegger's is made fresh all day long, and I must attest to this. I haven't found any other bread store whose bagels are quite so perfectly crafted. Although different markets may have varying selections, these are the bagel flavors listed by the company on their website:

Chocolate Chip
Cinnamon Raisin
Cinnamon Sugar
Cranberry Orange
Honey Grain
Rosemary Olive oil
Sun Dried Tomato*

*try these.. they're delicious!

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