Blood Sugar Sex Magik is an album by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. For many the album is a transition from their early funk metal days and also integrates a nu-metal feel in places. This album is highly regarded as the height of the band.

The track list is as follows:

01. The Power Of Equality
02. If You Have To Ask
03. Breaking The Girl
04. Funky Monks
05. Suck My Kiss
06. I Could Have Lied
07. Mellowship Slinky In B-Major
08. The Righteous & The Wicked
09. Give It Away
10. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
11. Under The Bridge
12. Naked In The Rain
13. Apache Rose Peacock
14. The Greeting Song
15. My Lovely Man
16. Sir Psycho Sexy

17. They're Red Hot(Off of the internet this doesn't appear to be on the album, but looking at my copy, it is on there)

The album's name came about during a car journey with Anthony Kiedis and Rick Rubin. They were throwing out titles and they came about picking Blood Sugar Sex Magik, which happened to be a nme of a song on the album.

The actual recording or the album took place in an unorthodox setting of a huge, empty, historically landmarked Mediterranean haunted mansion not far from where all the Red Hot Chilis at that time lived (the Flea aka Mike Balzary on bass, Chad Smith the drummer, John Frusciante on lead guitar and of course Anthony Kiedis doing the lead vocals). The control room was set up in the library, drums and guitars in the living room, bass amps and guitar amps in different rooms. They then decided to live there for recording, except Chad Smith who wasn't keen on living there as he wasn't so mad on the idea as living in a house that a woman was murdered in during the 1930s. He went home each night. Anthony Kiedis set up the microphone in his room, with wires running down to the control room. He would stand at a window looking at the surroundings, singing.

Brendan O'Brian engineered the record who was the best engineer around, who would go on to produce many multiplatinum albums. He was also creating the correct mood for the house every day. Also on site was Gavin Bowden who the Chilis hired to document the recording, who eventually ended up marrying Flea's sister.

The house was inhabited for 30 days in all, during which the band didn't leave the house except for Chad.

This album as far as I believe is still selling in small numbers, and began the Chili's progression into the mainstream, later releasing albums such as By the Way and Californication, and playing arenas and sellout crowds.

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