The Black-handed Spider Monkey is a small New World monkey. They range from 15-25 inches long, and have a tail that is from 20-35 inches long. They have fur that can be brown, red, or black. The Black-handed Spider Monkey is distinguished by black fur on their hands and feet. One of their most prominent traits is their long prehensile tail. They use this tail while feeding, and as an aid in locomotion while in trees. Second to the Gibbons, Spider Monkeys are the most agile primate species in trees.

Scientific Name: Ateles geoffroyi

Habitat: They live typically in wet forests as well as evergreen tropical rain forests. Their range includes most of Central America.

Diet: The Black-handed Spider Monkey is a frugivore, and eats mostly ripe fruit. It supplements this diet with tender leaves.

Social Organization: Black-handed Spider Monkeys live and forage in small groups of 1-8 individuals. These small groups make up a larger main group of as many as 25 individuals. They have a hierarchical social structure.

Wacky Trivia: The female Black-handed Spider Monkey has a greatly elongated clitoris, but its purpose is unknown.

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