"Bite my shiny metal ass" is one of the catch phrases of Bender the robot in the Futurama universe. The phrase is a combination of "Bite me", "Kiss my ass", and robot physiology. Bender says it quite a lot; in fact the insult was Bender's first words on the series. While he does not have an "ass" per se, Bender is referring to the lower rear portion of his torso (which, incidentially, has no distinguishing features) and the backside of his crotch plate. Bender is made of metal and, when cleaned, his ass does shine. Hence, when Bender is annoyed by someone he will tell them to bite his shiny metal ass.

Variations On A Theme

  • "Bite my red hot glowing ass" - In "When Aliens Attack" Bender grills burgers in his chest cabinet. The heat from the charcoal causes his ass to glow red with heat.
  • "Bite my colossal metal ass" - When a giant Bender comes to Earth in "Anthology of Interest I" he insults the giant Dr. Zoidberg with this phrase.
  • "Lick my frozen metal ass" - While skiing with the other members of the Planet Express crew in "Xmas Story" Bender's ass freezes in the cold weather, hence this variation.
  • "Bite my glorious golden ass" - In "The Farnsworth Parabox" Bender meets his alternate universe self. The alternate Bender is golden in color instead of foghat gray, and this is the alternate Bender's insult of choice.
  • "Bite my splintery wooden ass" - When Bender gets a downgrade in "Obsoletely Fabulous" he replaces his metal body with one made of wood. This variation becomes his new insult.

Noteworthy Notes

Thanks sam512 for the ass-bite note.

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