Let me tell you first that bird shit is uric acid, a combination of crap and piss mixed together in one magic solution. It's not good for your scalp.

This is last year at the Fireworks at a beach. I was with about 30 of my friends.

    Dude: "Oh fuck! Dude! Dude! There's a pig coming our way. Hide the shit."

    *Dudette covers the "shit" with her hands.

    Cop: What do you have there?

    *Dudette gives the Cop a battered dog look and says nothing.

    *Cop uncovers her hands forcibly: it's marijuana.

    *Cop handcuffs her.

    *Cop leads our group of 30 people out of the beach and into the street.

    Cop: "The Chinese believe it is luck if a bird shits on your head."

    Dude (murmuring in the background): "wtf?"

    Me (murmuring beside the cop): "How the hell does he know that?" (The cop was caucasian.)

    Cop: "I'm prepared to forget what happened here if all of you move to the otherside of the beach."

    *Our group of 30 agrees and move to the otherside of the beach while laughing about how ridiculous the Cop was.

Although, I've no idea as to how this belief came to be, all Chinese people know of this. I'm guessing it has to do with the rarity of such an event.

A bird shitted on my head on my way to school with my bro when I was a kid. Not knowing what had just landed on my head (and not wanting to touch it), I asked my bro to see if there was something on my head. He laughed and said: "Bird shit." I quickly ran back home and took a shower. When I told my mom about it, she told me to quickly buy a lottery ticket. I did win, but only $10.

I guess there wasn't enough shit on my head.

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