A while back I had some money burning a hole in my pocket. I happened to be in Suncoast Motion Pictures at the time my ass hit 3rd degree burns, so I thought I'd pick up a random DVD. As I perused the Sci-Fi section, I happened upon this really cheesy looking cover. I immediately noticed precisely three things about it: 1. The movie's Chinese, 2. If the cover's any measure, it has super bad special effects like any good sci-fi movie should, and 3. One of the stars of the film is the Chinese king of weird, Sam Lee.

I'd already been a Lee fan for quite some time. My first encounter with him was in Gen-X Cops as the psychotic Alien. He affirmed my faith in him as an unusual actor with his role as the eternally bizarre Gordon in the crazy cool mystery/comedy Rave Fever.

So I said, "What the hell. Any movie with Sam Lee is good enough for me."

This was quite possibly the best blind purchase I have ever made. Don't get me wrong. If you're looking for the next Evil Dead, this is definitely not it. But it's above par acting and mastery of style in both editing and camera angles more than make up for the extremely poor special effects and just above mediocre story.

Said story involves two lazy VCD shop mall employees, Woody Invincible (Jordan Chan) and Crazy Bee (Sam Lee). Their normal day of wreaking havoc on other mall employees and hitting on the manicure shop girls quickly turns into a nightmare when a biologically created zombie gets loose inside the mall. It has some absolutely hysterical moments, and actually manages to avoid your cliche horror movie story elements.

This movie is definitely worth a look see. Go buy it now and show it to all your friends.

Vital Information

Director: Wilson Yip

Writers: Matt Chow, Siu Man Sing, Wilson Yip

Stars: Jordan Chan, Sam Lee, Angela Tong Ying-Ying, Yiu-Cheung Lai, Emotion Cheung

Running Time: 94 min.

Original Language: Cantonese

Year: 1998

A pseudo-sequel, Bio Cops, was released in 2000.

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