Television (and sometimes movie) genre of the American 1980's: Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, etc. Usually based around the premise that filthy rich families in medium-to-large (but never major) cities in America tend to live in multigenerational family compounds in humongous mansions (when most really rich Americans tend to want to put at least a few miles, and maybe even a continent, between them and anyone distantly related to them), wearing gorgeous broad-shouldered suits (when most really rich folks are mousing around in sweaters and khaki pants), are morally deficient and love nothing more than fierce rivalries with other families and each other in between expensive lunches and shopping. Children are always referred to by their parents as "(our) baby" (when that term is ususally used for boats or dogs), no matter how old they are, and everyone takes immense pride in family tradition.

Naturally, they're almost always shown up by the poor-but-honest Striver, who starts out as a secretary or companion, but ends up as a major love interest for at least two of the characters and/or the Matriarch, who, coming from poverty herself, cannot stomach the decadence of her offspring. Everyone drinks champagne from mid-morning on, while shopping, riding in a limousine, or simply sitting around the house. Sex occurs, now and then, but is always punished by pregnancy, VD, or at least one of the participants getting killed by a random accident.

In short, a high-prole fantasy of the upper-middle class with utterly no correspondance to reality.

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