Dick York was there first!

Bewitched, of which there were more than 200 episodes, ran from 1964-1972. Elizabeth Montgomery played Samantha, the witch. Darrin, her husband and a mortal, was uncomfortable with Samantha's powers and discouraged her use of them. The show was about the two peacefully (sometimes not-so-peacefully) co-existing in marital harmony as a witch and a mortal. Sam still occasionally used her powers.

Darrin had an antagonistic relationship with Samantha's mother, Endora (Agnes Moorehead). Endora resented Darrin for not letting her daughter be herself, and he resented her for undermining him. Endora called Darrin various names, like Dennis, but never Darrin.

Other notable characters included Marion Lorne as Sam's Aunt Clara and Maurice Evans as Sam's father Maurice. Sam and Darrin's daughter, Tabitha, was later played mainly by Erin Murphy.

Dick York played Darrin from 1964-1969 and died from emphysema in 1992.

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