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Enemy data c/o game data files and source

CLASS: Beheaded Rocketeer
METABOLISM: cyber-zombie
PERCEPTION: insentient, LCU controlled
SIZE: 6 ft
ENDURANCE: very low
HOSTILITY: very low
WEAPONS: magic-missile launcher
THREAT: none
HEALTH: 19.5


An executed Sirian soldier, raised from the dead by Mental and remote controlled by Life Control Unit (LCU). The Rocketeer carries his own head in one hand to receive audio/visual information and fires one magic missile at a time from a low-power hand-held launcher. They're immune to their own missiles.


- No known problems


Slow, stupid, weak. Two bullets to kill. Not much to say really... Even with the weakest weapons, these dudes are not a credible threat. Blast and move on.

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