Here is a recipe for some kick-ass potatoes.

1) Slice one large potato into circular pieces about a half inch thick. Keep the slices together and parallel to each other.
2) Slice one large onion into pieces slightly thinner than the potatoes.
3) Put the potatoes and onions on a piece of aluminum foil.
4) Place the slices of onions between the slices of potato (between every 2nd or 3rd slice of potato).
5) Put an ample amount of butter, paparika, garlic powder, and salt on the potato slices.
6) Last step... and most important. Pour a bit of beer (maybe 50ml I'm not sure) over the potatoes. Then, keeping the beer inside, wrap up the potatoes in the foil. The beer caramelizes the onions and potatoes... it's really good.

Cook the potatoes on the BBQ for about 45-50 minutes at around 350-400 degrees F.

I know these aren't the greatest of instructions but just try to figure it out and improvise as you go along.

Happy potatoing.

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