The Bandung International School (or BIS, for short) is a school for the children of expatriates living in and around the city of Bandung. I once was a child of expatriates (well, I'm still their child of course, but they're no longer expatriates) living in Bandung and so I was sent to the BIS. All in all I had one of the best periods of my life (up to now, at least) at that time, and in part it was because of this school. Or maybe more accurate would be to say that it was due to the class I was in and the teachers I had.

In grade two I had a lovely Scottish teacher, who started me on the Narnia series by reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to us in class. I eventually read the whole series, but it was some time before I realized that The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe wasn't the first in the series. Oh well. At least she got me hooked on reading, because prior to that I hated it.

The teacher I had in grade three was just as great. This man is really the one that I blame for my wish to be a writer. He set up a whole system to encourage us to write. I can't remember exactly, but it had something to do with a card that had a whole list of items (like "story", "poem", "limerick", and what have you) and the goal was to have tick marks (or several) next to all the items on the list by the end of the year. I still have nearly all the stuff I wrote back then stashed away somewhere in a box or something. The dream of becoming a writer has never really left me since then, it has only been strengthened through the years by reading works by various authors.

The school has a website these days and you can see parts of the school for yourself if you follow the "VR Tour" link. In my time the school only consisted of the ground floor. The second story was added in recent years, just like the swimming pool, the roofed basketball court and a few extra smaller buildings.

Memory and

July 24, 2001

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