A Jazz and Blues club located in the Westport Plaza of St. Louis. It can be found right next to the Funny Bone, below McNulty's, and across and down a level from America's Pub.

I've only been there once and then only for about 5 minutes. The one time I was in there it was packed and we couldn't get a table. It looked pretty cool and I would like to go back there again sometime. It looks like the owners worked hard to give it an upscale Jazz Club feel. Which fits into the general West County style. But if you want a run-down old Blues Club you should try the Soulard area, there are quite a few there.

Walking in it opens into one big room with the stage on the far wall. There is a bar in the center of the room and booths and chairs and tables all along the walls. You can see the stage from pretty much anywhere because the bar's center island doesn't go up very high (most go to the ceiling). That's about it, it looked well decerated to me, but not overly so. Just a few things here and there to give a good feel without looking too commercial. Seemed very hip, very cool. If you happen to be in Westport Plaza it is worth it to stop by this place.

610 West Port Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63146

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