I was on a Seattle bus in the early 1990s.

I was near the back of the bus. It was fairly full, with a group of guys across the last seats who knew each other and talked and laughed.

The bus stopped and a large number of people got on and got off. When the aisles cleared, everyone was seated. A pair of long legs in stockings, very high heels and the edge of a very short skirt were turned just into the aisle about 8 seats up.

There was silence in the back of the bus for a minute. It felt like a collective breath. Then the guys began to talk again, with more elbowing. Comments to each other, nothing terribly raunchy, but with a rising volume. Finally with an appreciative wolf whistle.

The owner of the legs turned and gave a slow smile, rising as the bus stopped. This revealed mascara and lipstick as expected, but rose to a figure over six feet with a beard shadow. The figure blew a kiss at the back of the bus, walked gracefully down the bus steps and off.

The guys in the back of the bus were silent again. The bus pulled out and the guys all howled at the whistler. And I think everyone the back of bus looked startled or smiled or laughed.

What gender? I know what people assumed. But I don't know.

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