A series of sketches in Finnish comedy series Kummeli (or was it in the group's latter shows? I think it was in Kummeli.).

The sketch is about three arab terrorists, who regrettably have Aziz, the title character, among their ranks. The sketches show bits from the terrorist's life - food break, mortar excercises, actual acts of terrorism - that Aziz, being the least bright of the "team", always ends up completely wrecking - or at least causing terrible pain upon his person.

I think the opening titles were "action movie"-like enough that I really loved them... Regrettably the only sketch I can remember more or less in full may be inappropriate to read considering the current times. (Read on only if you're a heartless cynical bastard.)

In the sketch, the terrorists are videotaping their demands. They show Aziz standing on cockpit of a jet fighter (looked like a MiG or something), carrying a rocket launcher and a time bomb. Then they explain the plan, pointing at the map of USA. "Alabama. Pchhhm! Woshington. Pchhhm! Wait Hous. Pchhhm! Klinton. Pchhhm! PCHHHM!" Aziz sits down to the cockpit, closes and locks the canopy, sets the timer ticking, and then realizes he doesn't know how to fly a jet. The seconds tick away as he and the team try to open the cockpit canopy. Finally, the whole hangar explodes...

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