Goodness-me, how is it August already?

Start out with the good news. My financial aid covered my entire semester and then some, now I have 500 dollars (which will be going toward textbooks, of course. I think I will only need to spend a couple hundred.)

The upcoming semester is approaching. I have been hitting the books hard, outlining halfway to hell, cramming information into my head, and I fear that I will not outline enough before the semester starts. The class I am particularly concerned about is 'college algebra'. Wah-wah, I am scared about mere algebra, boo-hoo. I haven't done algebra in sooooo long and I barely understood it to begin with. I bought a couple of textbooks and I've been studying HARD. I want to grind my cumulative GPA up to a 3.5. It doesn't sound too hard on paper, but I have a couple of bad semesters on record. If I get a 3.7+ these next two semesters, I think that will do it -- I am retaking a class that I did bad in and I do not know if it will retroactively increase my GPA in the original semester, or if it will simply remove that class from the original semester and add it to my GPA this semester. I really hope it's the first of the two. Either way, though, my GPA will soar if I can get a good grade in it (and I will, it's the same professor and same class. New textbook, though.)

In other news, I have started a podcast with a friend. It's a bit rough-around-the-edges at the moment because neither of us know how to edit audio, but I think our quality is slowly improving. The latest episode had a bit of a mishap, in which his microphone switched midway through, from his beefy condenser microphone to a webcam microphone. I said I would be willing to re-record but his preference was to dub the whole thing. He's still working on it. I'd like to acquire a nicer microphone as well, mine is good but it's not stellar. I just don't want to spend $80 right now. Maybe if I get a good scholarship or two.

I'm still sleeping 12 hours a night, not the best thing but I just tell myself the hours lost are my "free time". Sleeping during one's free time seems conscientious, or, at least, better than staying up. It's still annoying, regardless of what I tell myself, but I am functional for the moment -- it doesn't interfere with my lifestyle at all. If I go to bed any later than 8:30 PM I will have a hard time waking up at 8:45 AM. Mildly absurd but when I wasn't on medication I wasn't sleeping soooo I'll roll with the punches I guess.

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