One of the few saving graces of business travel is that sometimes you are able to leverage it to your own ends. As such, having found myself dispatched to the Bay area for a week by my day job, I managed to satisfy a long-standing desire. On this trip, I spent an evening in the delightful company of grundoon, wertperch and (perhaps most importantly) imp/buddha and her familiar Snickerdoodle.

The wertoon crew has a lovely abode in northern California; they were warm and welcoming, and graciously provided a peripatetic noder with a babbling disorder a place to lay my head for the evening - and threw in wonderful conversation, story swapping, tea and education about guinea pigs free in the bargain.

It was with regret that I departed this morning, my schedule bearing me off to the South Bay area to met up with other friends.

I can therefore check off my Things I Did Today with "had a nodermeet."


Also, I must report that wertperch was wearing a T-shirt (which, he said, he had worn to work at the hippie/vegan/organicnazi food coop) which read "There is room for all God's creatures. (Right next to the mashed potatoes)"


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