Draft type in CCG Magic: The Gathering tournaments. Recently implemented in early 2001, it is a unique way for players to compete in a tournament.

Championship decks of the past are comprised and are set aside. All players competing have a chance to look through all the decks and decide which they want to play. Then, they auction starting life values and hand sizes. Depending on the bid, the player who bids with the biggest handicap for a certain deck, will play and win the deck.

The basic auction currency is hand size, then is comprised with starting life values. For example, a bid of 6 cards and 20 life will win over a bid of 7 cards and 1 life simply because they compare card bids first, then life.

Recently, Jon Finkel won the first major tournament using this format, using the Magic: The Gathering 1994 World Championship Deck, created and used by Zak Dolan. He defeated Ben Rubin.

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