A student restaurant located in Turku, Finland. Exact address is Rehtorinpellonkatu 4, which is just about next thing you'll find when you wonder away from the campus of University of Turku. "Assari" is open between 11 a.m. to 16 p.m. on winter time and between 11 a.m. and 15 p.m. on summer time. At least three courses of meals are offered for just 2.35€ for students (and just about everyone who just bothers to show up, student id card is rarely asked for).

The restaurant is owned by students' union of University of Turku so while stuffing yourself full of reasonably nutriotitious food you can even support local students' union.

As one might imagine, the food doesn't usually have any taste on it. Bread is excellent, though, and at least one vegetarian meal is offered every day. At the moment the restaurant staff doesn't have a slightest idea what a vegan regimen means, so if you're a vegan - stay out or be prepared to stretch your principles a bit (well, quite a bit).

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