Arlington Horse Racing is a gambling game released by Strata in 1990.

I bought this game on eBay as a "non-working" JAMMA board for $1. I plugged it into to my Clutch Hitter cabinet and it fired right up.

In this title you plunk a bunch of quarters into the coin mechs, and then bet on the horses. When you are finished betting, press the start race button to see the horse run the track (the graphics are Super Nes quality, but the announcers voice is perfect).

The game then pays off any winning bids in credits, and then starts over. There is a button to cash out, but pressing that causes an error (unless you happen to have a coin hopper hooked up, I don't).

This is not a bad game, but it gets repetitive rather quickly. Although it would probably be a lot more fun if you were playing it for real money.

This game is JAMMA compatible, although it really needs a special control panel, as the controls on a standard control panel play this game in a very non-intutive way (left on the joystick is up, up is down, right is button 1, etc).

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