Irish comedian. His father is Fianna Fail T.D. and former Health Minister Rory O’Hanlon. He honed his act in Dublin during the eighties as part of a three-man comedy act Mr. Trellis, which also featured the genius of Barry Murphy and Kevin Gildea. Together, they founded Ireland’s first decent comedy venue – The Comedy Cellar at the International Bar, which is still running today.

His trademark routine, a mix of sublime Joycean nonsense delivered with a look of absolute terror, won him a huge following on the English circuit, eventually winning him a Perrier award in 1994.

What he’s best known for so far though is his role is the innocent man-child priest Father Dougal on Channel 4’s Father Ted. He’s also done several other comedies and dramas for BBC, and written a best selling novel, The Talk Of The Town.

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