Well, it finally happened. I always figured that we was gonna go to war, but I never really thought about what was gonna happen when it did. Just two days ago, the president declared war on Germany. I think I just may get the opportunity to see the world. I mean, I ain't got nothin' against my little old town here, it's just now all of a sudden, it seems so small to me. I don't know why, but ever since I was just a little kid, I was a-wishin' that I would become a soldier one day. I guess it was my granddaddy that got me into it. I remember bein' about 5 or 6 years old, and listenin' to him talk about the Civil War. He was just about my age, about 18, when he signed up to fight the Yanks. When I talked to him about joinin' the Army, he got that far-away look in his eyes and said, "You do what you wanna do. I guess this is what you got your heart set on and they're ain't nuthin' I can do to talk you out of it." I talked to my father, and he said that he needed my help in the fields this summer. Then I told him all about how I was gonna go fight for my country and help end sufferin' for those poor folks in Europe. Then he reckoned I might as well go. He knows that I've always wanted to get out and see the world, and he's always respected that. My granddaddy says he was like that himself when he was young, my father was.
It's all really excitin', this whole war business is. My whole life it's been farmin' in the summer and studyin' in the winter, but now sometin' new is finally gonna happen. The whole town's in a fuss over the whole deal, and lots of kids my age have up and enlisted, and I reckon I'll be doin' that myself in a day or two. Finally, I really get to be a part of somethin'. I've heard a bunch of stuff about the mess they got in Europe, and how the Germans have been doin' really mean and nasty things to folks, and I just can't wait to go out and help. I mean, I ain't never gonna get a better chance to get away from this little old farm and see if I can't make somethin' of myself.

from Diary of a Soldier

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