"Time heals all wounds"

Bite me.*

Ok, that was childish, but I needed to get it off my chest once and for all. The statement in quotes is not true as it stands - it needs qualification:

α) "Time heals some wounds for all."

β) "Time heals all wounds for some."

Either of those is fine. The unqualified statement is a daft platitude that made my list of pet peeves (it's right up there with misspelling "rogue" as "rouge"; rouge means something else entirely!). In the worst case scenario it isn't even a daft thing to say, but a blatant lie. We perpetuate enough of those on a daily basis; some of us do it unconsciously, others can have a variety of reasons for doing it intentionately. Don't just parrot everything you hear. Even if platitude x makes sense to you, I highly I doubt it does so without undergoing some qualification as you reflect on it. So next time you find yourself in a position where you think repeating it would add to the discussion, be clear about what it is you're saying (and ideally, also why you are saying it).

Control your language, lest it controls you.

*I'd rather no one bite me. So please don't.

Note: "you" is the general you, and includes myself. You never know when you might slip up, heh.

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