This past week has gone really well. A neighbor of mine bought me a Groupon for a yoga studio down by the post office. I had been there once before, the door was open, but nobody was there so I left. The great thing about my neighbor is she gets people outside and moving. The other day she bought me some root vegetables so I could roast them. Last night we went to chaperone a lock-in at her church. There was a lot of energy, it was fun to see the kids playing volleyball and basketball. When she told me our yoga class was an hour and a half long I was really nervous until she said we could sit there if it was too much. Her saying that was for my benefit as she's a former professional cyclist who could still hop on her bike and ride a hundred miles daily.

Class was tough in a way I didn't expect. I had anticipated physical discomfort without an emotional assault. Our instructor is a woman who manages her MS without medication. She's an older woman, I'd guess mid-fifties, she has some belly fat, I never would have guessed she teaches yoga in addition to her job at Home Depot. A little more than half way through the class I started crying. I wasn't sobbing or anything, but I had tears in my eyes from the release of trapped feelings. I have a book about feelings on hold at the library that I'm going to pick up today, I'm hoping that will help me name some of the things I feel and help me understand what I can do with my emotions.

After class we walked around the lake. It was drizzling softly before it started raining gently. I had worn my purple scrub pants to class instead of traditional yoga pants, sometimes I feel it's easier to move in clothes that are loose and comfortable instead of more form fitting attire. I've been having a lot of left heel pain which is the result of a weak ankle that still hasn't fully healed from the fracture way back in August. I'm glad I'm getting out and doing more things, but I overdid it on many levels these past few days. Writing gives me a way to start my day by getting some of my thoughts out, I've been neglecting it and happy that I'm here today.

Another exciting thing that happened to me which made my week really good is being able to interact with the man my youngest calls an RI which is an abbreviation for romantic interest. She says you can't be 'seeing' someone if you haven't met them in person, I'm not so sure about that, but have to admit that her term is much more specific and accurate than mine. This is someone that I've known casually for several years. We can't figure out if it was 2012 or 2013, a mutual friend told me about him, we were talking about wooden bat leagues in Wisconsin and the conversation led to him. I followed him on Twitter not expecting anything in return, at some point he followed me, and I guess the rest of the story is that life works in strange ways.   

He's in Colorado while I'm in Wisconsin, there is more than a time zone or two separating us, he travels extensively due to his very demanding job. His last trip was twenty-five days away from home which is a lifestyle I can try to imagine without understanding. We can talk, we flirt with each other, and we run the entire thing over Twitter which may sound strange, but seems to work well for us. I sent him a text and we talked on the phone once, other than that we message each other on and off throughout the day whenever our time online matches and keep the conversations running whenever one or both of us is away from our devices.

My ex is redoing the money. I'm getting a bigger check since I'm going to be picking up more bills. The other day I bought some paint for the living room since my neighbor said she would help me with some of my home improvement projects. She's been just wonderful, he has too, between the two of them they have enough energy to steamroll me. I think we're balancing each other out in some key areas. Right now the relationships seem lopsided since I feel as if they're the givers while I'm doing a lot of taking, but I've done some things for them too which makes me feel better about the power structure. Key to this success has been great communication, it's a learning process, but we're quickly catching on to what the other person needs.

It's kind of weird to feel like they would be a better couple than he and I, she's confided some things to me that I won't share here, but I've been where she has and I know how tough situations like that can be. I still have weight to lose, I still want to be in a better place emotionally, I've been taking Latuda which is an anti-psychotic along with my anxiety and sleep meds. Getting more and better sleep has made an impact on how I feel. When I first started the meds I was taking a lot of naps, yesterday I laid down, but couldn't sleep. By seven-thirty I was exhausted so I took a bath, went to bed early, woke up at three-thirty, but laid in bed until four oh four when I decided to start my day. Lots of cool things happening, but even if they weren't, I would still be more stable and resilient than I was which is the best feeling ever. 

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