Went to see Sin City today, with Eric and Christina. Halfway through the movie, I started thinking about Hector, which was distracting. What happened? When did I become this silly boy, smitten with another silly boy? I wrote Mrs. Hector Hernandes on my notebook later that evening, and got totally giddy about it. Then I went back to Organic Chemistry.

Before he left for his weekend in San Antonio, we walked around campus for hours. He felt nervous about showing public affection on campus, afraid of bringing trouble on ourselves. We visited the Bonfire Memorial. It was respectful, and surreal. It reminded me of certain scenes in Fellini's Satyricon, without the grotesqueries. It was a ring of twelve stone alcoves, each one devoted to a victim of the collapse, each one pointing toward the person's home town.

We talked about Castenada, about the university's love of pagentry, and he accidently used the L word. We moved on, and I showed him the neat thing about the O&M building. I came up behind him while we were walking, and put my hand on his ass. This caused him to make an exclamation in Spanish, out of reflex. I enjoy it when he curses in his native tongue. It's beyond adorable.

We passed a broken street light on the way home. He stopped for a moment, and looked at me.

"I'd like to see you in all different kinds of lighting."

At that point I had no choice but to kiss him, in front of God and everyone.

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