On April 19, 1993 seventy-four people died at the ATF and FBI's hands in Waco, Texas.

David Koresh and his religious sect the Branch Dividians had been under seige primarily by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

In February 1993 (before the AFT assault) the community of Mount Caramel had around 130 members, including 45 women and 43 children.
During the ATF attack and in the final assault, 80 community members died; 33 women, 26 men, and 21 children.
5 men and 1 woman died on February 28, during the initial confrontaion and resulting ATF attack.
35 Branch Davidians exited Mount Caramel during the 40 day siege; 9 women, 5 men and 21 children.
83 members remained inside to the end; 35 women, 21 children and 27 men.
32 women, 21 men, and 21 children (a total of 74 people) died on April 19, 1993, plus two stillborn fetuses.
9 people survived the fire and assault on April 19; 6 men and 3 women.

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