Possibly one of the coolest hardware hacks of all time. Some talented engineer at Apple (what was his name again? Wobneck? Wuzneat?) spent some time trying to come up with a way to make the Apple Imagewriter more useful. A tall order, because the Imagewriter is possibly one of the crappiest printers of all time; the one I used in middle school had the nasty habit of interjecting what were apparently Cyrillic curses in the middle of a Judy Blume book report... but I digress. Well, that engineer realized that the only thing that worked well was the motor that shuttled the print cartridge back and forth. So, he designed a better cartridge for it to use.

This cartridge, $20 at your local Apple retailer, and the associated software would give a fairly nice-looking scan of any legal-sized document you fed into it. Of course, since it was scanning it in line by line, it took 10 minutes, but this was 1986, and for a $20 scanner, people were willing to wait.

And so you could be the envy of the neighborhood with your very own combo printer/scanner. Very cool. Very hackish. Very Woz.

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