Sometimes you just look at the World Wide Web and the internet culture it produces and have to hang your head in shame.

Remember, this is a technology that was originally designed to share research between university repositories and allow the hyperlinking of information. Now it's being used to find anonymous sex on cell phones and presenting us with increasingly vile pornographic images in the effort to find more and more methods to shock people. By pornographic images, I'm not referring to simple pornography, I'm talking about the coprophagia of 2 girls 1 cup or the infamous shock pics like Tubgirl, which some people find highly amusing to link to in the guise of seeing something else.

In fact, I find for multiple reasons Apple's insistence on hiding URLs from me to be problematic. I am not going to click on a link in an email and I want to double check where that price sheet for notebook memory is going to send me before I click the link online.

With the advent of Vine and easily accessible video editing, it's possible for a teenager or someone with a pre-pubescent mind to piece together audio and/or video and release small, rapid-fire sight gags - the kind of thing that Airplane! pioneered, but in today's fast paced world are a staple.

And one of the latest barrel-scraping memes to come from this set of developments are Allahu Akbar videos.

The joke is exceedingly weak: A video is chosen, either a cartoon (Spongebob Squarepants is a common choice) or a video ending in some kind of collision or catastrophic fall. At some point someone therein is overdubbed to scream Allahu Akbar! and then there's a massive explosion of some kind, usually footage from the impact of a plane hitting the Twin Towers on 9/11 or another terrorist attack. Sometimes the entire world exploding or an atomic bomb explosion is used. The smash cut and rapid ending of the video obscures the mismatch of the impact/explosion transition, and you're supposed to find it amusing that a police officer losing control and smashing into a pedestrian results in a building exploding, that an obese black woman faceplanting on the ground can cause a marine explosion, or what have you. And of course, that they're all terrorist attacks. To up the ante of offensiveness, sometimes the author fades to an image of the ISIL flag, and overdubs an Arabic singer chanting some kind of song.

It's disgusting on multiple levels.

Terrorism is no joke. We must have most certainly forgotten 9/11 if using the footage jokingly is considered even remotely funny. The producers of compilations of these videos mock "moralfags" and tell them to simply go elsewhere, but that doesn't alter the fact that there's a societal problem if this sort of thing is now considered fair game.

Also, considering that the expression is Arabic for "God is Great", and NOT a war cry, it's insulting to people of the Islamic faith to see what is ostensibly a statement of faith (and something they use in everyday speech) turned into a joke, and worse still, a metaphor for imminent terrorist attack. I can forsee kids thinking that cannonballing into a body of water screaming "Allahu Akbar!" is going to be funny.

It's also disgusting in that it's a really, really weak joke. Yes, we get it, people have rammed buildings packed with explosives. But that's a premise that should get tired before it even starts, considering how narrow a band the slapstick takes place in.

Have standards really fallen this low?

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