Quite possibly the coolest concept in movie watching since the invention of the movie itself. As a visitor to Austin, and as a Canadian, I was relatively unprepared for the glory of this place.

A theater wherein one can purchase, if one is above the age of majority (and everyone is, cause the staff guard the portals):

I also saw Harry Knowles of Aint It Cool News there.

The best theater in Austin for movie viewing. I go there at least once every two weeks to see a film. The Alamo offers viewers several different movies, types of food, and types of alcohol.

Unique Menu Items:
Childern of the Popcorn - it's just popcorn, but the name gets me every visit.
Porky's Pepperoni - pepperoni pizza alluding to a choice film
"Some Like It Hot" Wings - order the "Apocalypse Now" spice, extra hot rated XXX

Unique Movie Themes:
Hong Kong Sunday - the first Sunday of every month they show a Hong Kong film and serve a full oriental dish menu, yum!
Butt-Numb-A-Thon - 24 hour movie festival to celebrate Harry Knowles's birthday. Last year the festival premiered Magnolia and Pitch Black, this year.....Snatch
Mister Sinus Theater 3000 - three Austin comedians grab mics and bash old movies in front of an audience.

Personal experiences at the Alamo:
Black Belt Jones tickets came with a 40 of Mickeys
My first time their I was given lyrics to the South Park movie at the door to sing a long with the crowd, FUN!
Buckets or Rolling Rock!
They show UT games for free!
They showed Holy Weapon for Hong Kong Sunday, Holy Shit!
Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animated Fetsival every year.
During Fight Club they spliced their own subliminal messages in the film like "Drink more beer" and "Remember the Alamo!"

Basically, I could go on and on about this place. If you visit Austin, Tx, really make an effort to see a flick here. The staff is great and so are the films they show. I am off to see Legend of the Drunken Master for $1 admission Mondays!

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