Al's Big Burger is an old drive-in converted into an eat-in hamburger joint in Albany, California. They use real charcoal and cook the burger right in front of you, ala Benihana (but, like, the American version). They serve American Hamburgers, 1950's style. That's it. Their cheeseburger? By god, it has American Cheese on it.



  • Will not agree with your diet.
  • Vegitarians/Vegans need not apply.
  • You won't feel like moving after having expressed your burger love by eating a double bacon cheeseburger . Not for at least 20 minutes.
  • Somewhat seedy and run-down atmosphere. all the furniture's at least late 70's vintage, and cheesy when it was new.
  • Not enough onion rings in an order.

It's right across San Pablo Avenue from Albany Bowl, for any that wish to go. 437 San Pablo Avenue. Phone#: 510-527-1523, in case you want to order ahead, it gets busy sometimes, and ordering ahead can save half an hour of waiting.

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