Inspired by a #everything conversation with ojoe...

Here are mine. I've tried to just include ones that are off the beaten path. I mean, yes, I've sat out on the runway for five hours because of weather delays, but so has everyone else.:

1a) The absolute worst plane ride I ever had was a National Airlines flight coming back to Chicago from Las Vegas. Either the pilot was completely drunk, or he thought he was in a F-16 and not a commercial jet. Either way, the result was banking turns so hard that our dinner trays slid off our seat fronts and into the aisleways.

1b) The landing was also so hard that I thought the wheels on the plane were going to snap off.

2) I was once delayed on the plane after landing for 45 minutes because no union representative was on hand to officially open the airbridge door. There were about 20 miscellaneous employees standing around, but none of them had the magical union clearance to swipe a card in a door.

3a) Half an hour before the scheduled takeoff time, the American Airlines attendant announced that they would be ready to begin boarding as soon as the flight crew arrived. They were in the middle of walking between the G terminal and the K terminal at O'Hare Airport. Half an hour later, they made the same exact announcement. This was my connecting flight, and my first flight had landed in the G terminal. It took me about ten minutes to walk it.

3b) Once we were on the aircraft, we were delayed an additional half an hour because the toilet at the back of the plane was clogged and filled with urine.

3c) After finally arriging at LaGuardia Airport, we were delayed ANOTHER half an hour because there were apparently no gates open. It was 2:30 AM.

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