After you've been hanging around for a while, you'll notice things that should be included in the official Everything2 Help, but aren't.

Be a good sport and help to improve Everything2.

You have two options:

  1. Inform a member of the e2docs group. If you're not too sure of your writing abilities, you think that it would be too difficult, you don't have the time, or you just don't give a hoot, at least send a /msg. This way, someone can develop a useful addition and your karma can increase tenfold.

  2. Write it yourself. This is the preferred method. To prevent problems, again, please let a member of e2docs know that you're developing something. The best way to work on such a project is offline with a text editor, then cutting and pasting the text (properly formatted) into Drafts. We will either go over your writeup personally or assign someone more knowledgeable to edit your submission, making corrections as needed. Since Everything2 Help documents are "official" E2 content, writeups should be as factual as possible. Please refer to other Everything2 Help documents for examples that are acceptable.

    After your document is accepted, you will need to /msg wertperch that you are finished, to get the new document pasted into a writeup by Virgil, the account/character representing the e2docs usergroup.

Why should I bother?

It's really up to you. Do it to improve Everything2, do it to impress your illiterate Luddite neighbors, or do it for the blessings.

Is there a format I have to follow?


First off, think of a title.
Make sure your title is concise and makes sense. Please, no humor in node titles for documentation.

Next, you need to format your writeup so it flows logically and is easy to comprehend. When deciding between an esoteric word or a commonly used one, choose the latter. Write in a clear style, making sure your facts are presented in an easy to understand manner. When appropriate, use titles and bullets to emphasize important sections.

Finally, add a link back to the Everything2 Help to the bottom of the writeup, and make sure it's centered. Speaking of links, make sure you add hardlinks to give the reader the chance to understand a topic or term better.

Thank you for considering adding to the site documentation. The future members will appreciate the effort you spent.

Rancid_Pickle submitted this. January 2008 edit by haze. January 2009 edit by joer. October 2012 edit by wertperch.

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