I tried my best to make a modern translation

A Tale of John and Bob

John: licetne in vesperum hodiernum vobis aliquid commendare?
      May I make a suggestion for this evening?
Bob: licet.
     Yes, please.
John: cinematographeum adeamus!
      Let's go to the pictures.
Bob: magnificam imaginum videbimus serium.
     We'll see a splendid film.
John: deinde in cauponam nocturam intrabimus atque saltatricem 
admirabimur bellam.
      Then we'll go to a night club and make eyes at a luscious 
dancing girl.
Bob: etiamne in saltando veste deposita corporis fornam proponet?
     Will she do a striptease too?
John: nimium postulas.
      You're asking too much.

How I appreciate three years of highschool latin

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