How large?


How deep? 

more than I can see, yet I can feel every detail 


The river that carries my memory of you

comes and goes and it is fitting that it flows the way water does

fluctuating in and out 

as though it knows it would not be fair to flood my mind all at once 


There are days,  even weeks that slide by with hardly a thought of you

but the drought does not last

a connection leads to a trigger


it rushes back in 

washing time away 

again and again 


The memory opens so many doors,  so many books

empties out the months and years we knew

at my feet

it is a glorious display


who complains about a mountain of jewels?










... sometimes when the night sky gets so bright

I go out into the fields until I can feel you by my side

And my memory is a book of gold thrown open

song- Myrna Loy    Josh Ritter

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