A Very Big Bang! is the seventh book of the web comic Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams. The comic began to be published online on August 25, 1997.

A Very Big Bang! was published in book form by Plan Nine Publishing in Thomasville, NC, and the first printing was done in July 2002. It is 128 pages long, and covers the span from Spring in the Air to Changes. A Very Big Bang! was published in a slightly different format than previous editions: 9.25"x8" with full-color Sunday comics, as opposed to the earlier roughly 5"x7" book printed completely in black and white.

A synopsis of the book, along with the date each chapter began online:

Chapter 23: Spring in the Air

Camel in the Middle (4/2/01): Torg arranges for Gwynn to meet Riff's girlfriend Sasha. Zoe has an "altering" experience at the bar.
The Bad Dream Preceeding Easter (4/9/01): Bun-bun gets some help with his Easter Bunny duties.
Spring Break (4/16/01): Bun-bun and Kiki play nice, and Riff experiments with psychotropic drugs.
Sluggy Freelibs (4/23/01): A week of "mad lib"-type comics.
Spring Cleaning (4/30/01): Fluffy the Bug emerges from Torg's mess of an office, and Torg goes "Torgo of the Jungle" again when he realizes his freelance business is going under.
The Isle of the Ployees (5/11/01): Riff tells Torg the story of the Isle of the Ployees to warn him of the dangers of the corporate world.
Torg's New Gig (5/22/01): Zoe has finals, and accidentally displays her tattoo for all to see. Aylee starts her own web design business. We get more Bert and more Dr.Schlock.

Chapter 24: GOFOTRON Champion of the Cosmos

Lodoze (6/11/01): Riff, Torg, and Bun-bun get zapped to an alternate dimension. Suspected of being Zorgon spies, they are put in Gritty City Prison. Lodoze tries to collect the bounty on Bun-bun's head. Guess who wins.
Politics of a Punyverse (6/25/01): Riff, Torg, and Bun-bun get on an international flight out of Grittania 3, just before the planet blows up. They end up on the Zorgon's home planet, which Gofotron is coming to destroy.
War of the Transbots (7/9/01): The Zorgon Army battles Gofotron. Riff has problems with his fighter, but Torg's got problems of his own.
Secret Cranky Office Temp (7/19/01): Secret-Angel-Princess-Princess is actually... Princess-Princess! How could this be?!? The guys end up on the planet Chau 5... whose inhabitants are rumored to eat people. Gofotron gets a temp to fill in for the right arm.
Chau Down (7/31/01): Lord Grater and Torg team up to rescue Riff, Bun-bun and Princess-Princess.
Void Ghosts (8/17/01): The Punyverse is destroyed by Zorgon Gola's Cascade-Puppy of Doom. Riff doesn't know how to get them back to their own dimension. Sluggy's 4 year anniversary.

Chapter 25: Changes

Homecoming (8/27/01): Riff, Torg, and Bun-bun find that things have changed drastically in their home dimension while they were gone. Aylee's business has taken off, and she bought up the apartment complex they lived in. Zoe has gone home to Nebraska for good.
Home Hunting (9/10/01): Torg and Riff look for a new home. Charlie Sheen makes a guest appearance..
Home Haunting (9/19/01): The guys find a house that has... extras they didn't count on. Bert moves in. Angela comes back.
Herald Hiding (9/27/01): Torg breaks into Aylee's building to have a heart-to-heart, and ends up inviting her (in all her hideous form-changed glory) to their Halloween party.
Happy Hiatus (10/8/01): Inappropriately warm out summer vacation pin-up week!
Halloween (10/15/01): The demons Isp and Osp, er, Mosp, come after Torg, and Riff throws a pie in Aylee's face. Aylee proceeds to devour the entire party.
Haftermath (11/5/01): Mospinispinosp is brought to trial for failing to kill Torg. We find out that a secret entity called HeretiCorp is responsible for making Aylee unstoppable and also for the Oasis project.

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Sources: A Very Big Bang! by Pete Abrams, and http://sluggy.com

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