The 35th Signal Brigade, Airborne, is the largest signal unit in the United States Army, and the only Airborne Signal Brigade in existence.

This elite unit provides responsive and reliable tactical communications ranging from battlefield phone access to worldwide satellite connectivity. The brigade provides electronic communications in support of 18th Airborne Corps contingency missions worldwide. For instance, a paratrooper from the 35th Signal Brigade can provide secure, reliable communications to the Pentagon or even the White House within 60 seconds of landing on this drop zone or anywhere else they happen to land in the world. Even as they approach the drop zone the XVIIIth Airborne Corps Commander can talk to other commanders or back to Ft. Bragg through communications installed by 35th Signal Brigade soldiers.

The Brigade motto, "Utmost of our Ability," is indicative of the high degree of professional excellence these technically proficient paratroopers take into every mission. During the past decade the 35th Signal Brigade had deployed in support of numerous operational missions such as Operation Golden Pheasant in Honduras, Just Cause in Panama, Desert Shield / Desert Storm, Restore Hope in Somalia, and, most recently, Uphold Democracy in Haiti. Each time, the brigade provided the corps commander and staff the critical command and control links that led to swift and decisive combat success. The "Airborne Lions of the Signal Corps" continue their tradition of successes and stand ready to deploy on short notice the key communications capability of our nation's contingency forces.

Under the leadership of the Brigade commander, a full-bird Colonel, there are 3 Battalions. The 327th Signal Battalion, the 51st Signal Battalion, and the 50th Signal Battalion. Each of these battalions are, also, Airborne. Each is ready to land in the drop zone and establish a tactical communications system anywhere in the world within 18 hours of alert. The Brigade itself is located at Ft. Bragg, NC, right outside of Fayetteville.

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