A silver dollar minted in Denver in 1964. It used the same design as the last silver dollar issued in 1935. It was authorized by LBJ on Aug 3, 1964, mainly for use in Las Vegas slot machines. 316,076 were minted before the production of silver coinage ceased. As was always the case mint employee were able to purchase two at face value, and since the Act of Aug 3rd call for the mintage of 45 million no records were kept of the numbers sold. The mint ordered all coins returned and melted. However since the coins were only weighed and not inspected in was possible to replace them with earlier coins. A fact that embarrassed the mint when years later when the press was moved and unstruck blanks, that had been dropped, were discovered underneath it. No specimens are known, but a few are believe to exist. (see coins you cannot legally own)

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