Once upon a time, in a far off land, after an intense discussion in the throne room of Castle Artman the idea for a new e2 usergroup was born.

OK enough silliness. To put it simply I've been wanting to do a Story-Go-Round on E2 for years but how to manage that has always been a conundrum to me. Recently the solution dawned on me as I was having a three-way... email conversation... with Mr. Poop and Junky trying to get an idea going for a collaboration. I thought, why not a new E2 group to kick around ideas with? Why stop at only one Story-Go-Round (which in this case would be a node with many writeups, each continuing the story).

So here it is. e2collaborators.

e2collaborators can collaborate using the collaboration node Collaboration #1

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artman2003, Junkill, Senso, Dimview, Uberbanana, DejaMorgana, grundoon, LostPsion, Devon, lucychili
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