Notelet Castrator

This is the Notelet Castrator. Its purpose is to neuter your Notelet by adding // to the front of every line, commenting out all Javascript. Use this tool when your Nodelet is causing problems and there is no other way to fix them.

Your notelet contains characters. Click submit to castrate your Notelet Nodelet.

Notelet Editor

This Notelet Editor lets you edit your Notelet. No, not your nodelet, your notelet (your notelet nodelet). Only logged in users can use this. What is the notelet? It lets you put notes (or anything, really) into a nodelet. (Other nodelet settings are available at Nodelet Settings.)


  1. <!-- You may enter comments here. Why would you want comments? Scripting! (But be sure to uncheck "Remove comments".) -->
  2. The raw text you enter here is limited to 1000 characters. Anything longer than that will be lost. This raw text will not be changed in any way. As a slight reward for gaining levels, the higher your level, the more of your raw text is used. You are level 0, so your maximum used length is 500 characters. This means that the first 500 characters of your raw text (not including comments) will be used for your notelet text.

No text entered for the Notelet nodelet.

Your raw text is 0 characters.

(Keep comments in if you're using scripting; otherwise, let them be removed. In either case, any comments in your source area, below, are not changed.)